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Epic Battle Of The Platforms

Sep 2, 2020 | 0 Comments

Virtual combat has spilled into the boardroom as Fortnite has been kicked off the Apple App store for violating in-app payment guidelines. Fortnite is rallying its users to fight back against what it calls the “App Store Monopoly”. But it’s more complicated than just a popular video game standing up to an anti-competitive big bad …

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Aug 14 2020

Stay in motion & make progress with parallel working

This week I've coached four people through progress blockers by helping them to work (and think) in multiple ...
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Online Workshop Facilitation

Jun 23 2020

Work(shops) From Home – Own the Zoom Room

"Running my first workshop during lockdown felt like an out of body experience" ... I've put together a ...
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Jun 8 2020

Coronavirus and the Zoom Boom

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, 70% of companies were on some sort of digital transformation journey. ...
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