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Academic writing for meaning and clarity: An online course from WitsX

Nov 18, 2019 |

Everyone writes, but we don’t always write effectively and with our readers in mind. This course is aimed at postgraduate students in any field and includes principles and practices of writing well in an academic context (click here to enrol). Whether you are writing articles, reports or emails, the principles in this course are widely…

[Book Review] “Red Notice” by Bill Browder

From hedge fund manager to Russian fugitive; Bill Browder and his international quest for justice. Bill Browder made ...
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[Book Review] The War on Normal People by Andrew Yang

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang believes all Americans should be given $1000 per month from the government, this is ...
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FNB and Entelect: Skills Partnership for Business Value

FNB Business Banking serves nearly a million clients; these businesses are the lifeblood of communities and depend on ...
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