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The Future of Banking – A South African perspective

The future of banking is lightweight and automated on the inside, helpful and digital on the outside. The South African banking sector has consistently ranked in the top 10 in the world. It employs over 150 000 people, provides a backbone of financing and money management solutions and helps drive inclusion and access to the formal…

Strategic Portfolio Management – Air Traffic Controllers of the corporate skies

They are the unsung heroes of every airport and commercial flight; the calm quiet voice in the pilot’s ears talking him through landing and take-off. The air traffic controller (ATC) is one of the most stressful jobs in the world, responsible for the safety of hundreds of thousands of air passengers daily. Heathrow control tower…

CIO Banquet 2017: Keynote Address Part 1 – Techpreneurs

Last week’s ITWeb & Brainstorm CIO Banquet featured the release of the 2017 CIO survey results at a prestigious gathering of top leaders in South Africa’s IT industry. I was privileged to present a keynote message in which I covered the role of business, government and education in the sector. I also touched on cyber-security,…

Peter Alkema, CIO of FNB

African FinTech Awards 2016


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