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AI 2018: Lessons for humans, selfies with robots

ITWeb’s “Meeting of the Minds” Artificial Intelligence conference took place in Johannesburg recently. Keynote speaker and professor of ethics Dr Aimee van Wynsberghe called for future-proofing AI with responsible design. Named one of Netherland’s top 400 influential women she is driving ethical-robotics thinking through her research and foundation work. She cited examples of human fatalities…

“I Will” – A surfer’s code for a personal mission

World champion surfer and motivational speaker Shaun Tomson inspires thousands of people every year to take their next wave by committing to 12 simple and personal statements of intent. School kids, students, corporate teams and CEOs have all experienced the power of his message – one that was developed in the highs and lows of…

“A Disciplined Viewpoint” with Scott Ambler and Mark Lines

IndigoCube’s Business Agility 2018 offered expert insights from two leading Agile thinkers who have practiced their craft for decades with leading companies around the world. Building on their key roles in the Agile movement, they have developed and applied ways to help teams “Be Awesome”, especially in complex transformational journeys. Their Disciplined Agile framework drives…

Peter Alkema, CIO of FNB

African FinTech Awards 2016


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