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“Personifying Practices” – A theory of Agile teams, Part 1

My human-factors research on Agile software development teams is developing a theory about what is going on in their environment, specifically regarding the impact of management and leadership in large organisations. Part 1 (This article) – introduces the core category of “Personifying Practices” as a way of explaining certain human interaction Part 2 – constructs…

[Book Review] Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?

This is an important question for leaders, and one that Robert Goffee and Gareth Jones attempt to answer in this book which is largely based on their work with firms and leaders in many different spheres. They argue that effective leadership requires a strong does of authenticity in how leaders interact with their teams; “know…

Disruption at GREY; colouring outside the lines

The advertising industry is grappling with disruptive forces and I was privileged to spend some time at GREY South Africa recently, talking about the technologies behind some key trends. The so-called fourth industrial revolution has seen the rise of cyber-physical systems like Tilley Lockey’s new bionc arm and a host of new capabilities that are…

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