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[Book Review] “In Math We Trust – The Future of Money” by Simon Dingle

Ambitiously sub-titled “Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and the journey to being your own bank”, Dingle’s compact and very accessible book offers practical insights and a first-principles discussion of the “evolution of human trust”. Since the Bitcoin bubble of late 2017 most crypto-disciples have gone quiet – Dingle sees this as a natural inflection point in its unstoppable…

St Stithians Raising Boys and Girls 2018 – “Educating for the Future”

I recently presented at the Raising Boys and Girls 2018 conference at St Stithians; we looked at the latest trends in technology, how they are shaping the world of work and what the likely implications are for education. Formal employment creates demand for skills but if companies are being disrupted and jobs are changing or…

“Personifying Practices” – A theory of Agile teams, Part 2

My human-factors research on Agile software development teams is developing a theory about what is going on in their environment, specifically regarding the impact of management and leadership in large organisations. Part 1 – introduces the core category of “Personifying Practices” as a way of explaining certain human interaction Part 2 (this article) – constructs the theory in more…

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