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Agile in the Enterprise

Agile in the Enterprise – A scenario model to help managers succeed: Part 2 of 2

Managers can help Agile projects succeed if they understand their environment better. The previous article considered practical examples of how managers are affecting the environments of Agile projects in large organisations. While there are benefits to adopting Agile methods, most of its research and methodologies are focused on the inside-out aspects of running software development…
Succeeding at Agile

Creating the Best Environment for Succeeding at Agile:Part 1 of 2

From one manager to another – you need to rethink your model of leadership. Agile Software development has its roots in iterative product development characterised by small, autonomous teams that are highly empowered. As early as 1986, Harvard Business professor of Strategy Hirota Takeuchi proposed changing the “relay race” or sequential approach of product development…
Winning at leadership

Winning at leadership in the 4th Industrial Revolution

The future landscape of business remains highly unpredictable as the rules have changed so much in the last two decades. High school dropouts and software nerds are running multi-billion dollar companies while mobile phone apps and highly intuitive websites are disrupting 100 year old Fortune 500 firms. Former CEO of IBM Sam Palmisano epitomises the…

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