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[Book Review] The War on Normal People by Andrew Yang

Jan 13, 2019 | 1 Comment

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang believes all Americans should be given $1000 per month from the government, this is his Universal Basic Income proposal which he hopes will help him win the White House next year. Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and other leading tech thinkers support similar proposals and Yang says UBI will help avoid a…

Grindstone Accelerator

FNB wins ‘Most Innovative African Bank’ 2nd year running

FNB’s digital ‘platform revolution’ powers business growth and competitive advantage to win at Fintech Africa As a finalist in the Most Innovative African Bank competition, FNB presented some new products and platforms at the recent Finance Indaba held at the Sandton Convention Centre. We talked through how we’ve delivered and scaled these innovations to solve…
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FNB Business and City of Durban – Innovation festival drives smart city ambitions; #thisiswhywehelp

Durban is one of the leading cities of South Africa and was a host of the Soccer World Cup in 2010. The Ethekwini Municipality has recognised the importance of bringing together business, government and the community to help drive the city’s aspirations forward. One of these goals is that Durban becomes South Africa’s next Silicon…
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[Book Review] Deep Thinking by Garry Kasparov; Humans 1 – Computers 1

“I was furious, ripped out of my state of deep concentration at a key moment in the game”. This is how Chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov described his response when computer chess program Deep Blue crashed and had to be restarted during game four of their first encounter in 1996. This game was also the first…
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SAICSIT 2017: “Computing for humanity in today’s world”

The annual conference of the South African Institute of Computer Scientists and Information Technologists is an opportunity for academics and practitioners to present the latest research in their fields. Hosted this year by Central University of Technology and University of the Free State the humanitarian theme of the 23rd event was intended to stimulate debate…
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Wethinkcode, SPARK Schools and FNB; a story of opportunity and talent

The annual FNB Business Innovation Awards recognises small to medium sized businesses that leverage innovation to create jobs and build scalable businesses in any industry. At the June 2015 awards, one of the finalists, SPARK Schools achieved a special recognition and a promise from FNB Business to help its ongoing mission of providing high value low…
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SingularityU South Africa Summit 2017: Future proofing Africa the exponential way

The inaugural South African conference of Singularity University was held recently at Kyalami under the theme #futureproofAfrica and covered topics such as robotics, AI, crowd sourcing, fintech, space and medtech. In the closing session, conference organiser Bohdanna Kesala asked delegates “Now What?” and after 2 days of intense exponential thinking this was probably the most…
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Cashless Society

Moving Towards a Cashless Society

The use of hard cash as a percentage of total global payments is steadily declining but the key driver of its supply and demand is the consumer’s propensity to adopt alternatives such as digital transactions. The use of legal tender such as coins and notes has been declining in mature first world economies since the…
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Codefest and Agile

FNB Codefest and Agile: Collaboration

FNB Codefest is an Innovation contest run annually by FNB which includes a 48 hour coding marathon during which developers build innovative solutions to business problems. Three codefests have been held, two in 2015 and the third one in October 2016 which attracted over 250 participants who created over 30 working prototypes. A total of…
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Agile in the Enterprise

Agile in the Enterprise – A scenario model to help managers succeed: Part 2 of 2

Managers can help Agile projects succeed if they understand their environment better. The previous article considered practical examples of how managers are affecting the environments of Agile projects in large organisations. While there are benefits to adopting Agile methods, most of its research and methodologies are focused on the inside-out aspects of running software development…
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Succeeding at Agile

Creating the Best Environment for Succeeding at Agile:Part 1 of 2

From one manager to another – you need to rethink your model of leadership. Agile Software development has its roots in iterative product development characterised by small, autonomous teams that are highly empowered. As early as 1986, Harvard Business professor of Strategy Hirota Takeuchi proposed changing the “relay race” or sequential approach of product development…
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Winning at leadership

Winning at leadership in the 4th Industrial Revolution

The future landscape of business remains highly unpredictable as the rules have changed so much in the last two decades. High school dropouts and software nerds are running multi-billion dollar companies while mobile phone apps and highly intuitive websites are disrupting 100 year old Fortune 500 firms. Former CEO of IBM Sam Palmisano epitomises the…
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Grindstone Accelerator

Grindstone Accelerator Workshop and FNB Business

FNB supports entrepreneurs with insights about tech and banking; #thisiswhywehelp The 4th Grindstone Accelerator workshop was held at ENS Africa’s offices in Cape Town, attended by techpreneurs such as Xuviate, Autopilot, Fonk and Picsa. A range of experts presented agenda topics such as intellectual property, due diligence, tax and culture, all of which aimed at…
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