Chess Machines

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Be smarter about one of the biggest rivalries in human history. Man vs machine in the game of chess. The most famous chess player, Gary Kasparov wrote about his own experiences of being beaten by a machine. He was furious about how the tournament was handled and exposes much of the conflict that happened.

You will gain the following benefits from doing this course:

  1. Be smarter about how man and machine play chess against eachother
  2. Learn about the drive behind artificial intelligence
  3. Understand more about the greatest chess player that ever lived

This course consist of 1 module and 5 lessons and each lesson has a video.

  • Lesson 1: The tournament
  • Lesson 2: AI breakthrough
  • Lesson 3: Kasaparov’s perspective
  • Lesson 4: The future of man / machine
  • Lesson 5: Conclusion

Be smarter today about one of the greatest challenges between man and machine.

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