IBM’s Watson; the future of personalised technology

Cognitive computing

Cognitive computing is copying humanity with machinery; scary fiction becoming fact or technology solving our greatest problems? The Terminator series of movies grabbed the world’s attention with the scary possibility that a network of armed machines could somehow self organise and destroy us. This destructive tipping point dramatises a worst case scenario in the field of Artificial Intelligence…

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Banking and the real e-race

Exponential growth sets new standards and raises expectations by customers; many industries have been disrupted by this phenomenon and banking will be no exception. Transport, accommodation, retail and the media industries have all been disrupted by relatively new companies in a short period. Uber, Airbnb, Facebook and Alibaba dominate their markets with highly innovative and tech-savvy-customer-centric business models. They also don’t…

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Technology and Banking Disruption: Level playing fields or new rules?

The EY Strategic Growth Forum in Johannesburg grappled with how technology is disrupting banking; as a panelist in the forum I offered insights on some key questions. New entrants, new tech, new thinking – what does this mean for the industry and how well are banks responding? FNB’s Innovators Programme continues to drive a successful culture of disruptive thinking…

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“Leadership and Agile” – My zero-text slides from Scrum Gathering 2015

Top 3 takeaways: Agile environments in large organisations are unique and require effective leadership from management Management operates on transactional leadership; creates conflicts with Agile principles of empowerment It is possible for Agile teams to influence upwards; it is possible for management to adopt Agile successfully Slide 1 – Leadership is everything that comes to mind when…

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Spinning our way to IT health

Our IT department recently took a spinning class at work; it boosted our heart rates and illustrated a powerful concept of teams. The link between exercise and knowledge work is well established; stay healthy and your productivity should be higher. The general sense of wellbeing that accompanies regular exercise has also been shown to improve results.…

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Do techpreneurs need an ecosystem that supports innovation?

It’s the difference between thriving and surviving; big business and government also have a crucial role to play. I participated in a panel debate at the Innovation Summit in Cape Town today where we discussed the importance of “enabling ecosystems for innovation.” As a banker I had already been told earlier in the day that…

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The (Lost) Art of Taking People With You

Taking People With You

If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together – but how? In two days, the world’s oldest and largest annual ultra marathon takes place in South Africa; the Comrades. The vast majority of participants tell you far more about their experiences with others along the way than…

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Hero projects… and the rest of the team

All teams have a couple of projects that get all the attention and focus; make sure everyone else feels like a hero as well The Google employees that worked on Maps, Android and Gmail probably feel like superstars. The software they wrote is used by hundreds of millions, has achieved cult-like status and set entirely new…

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Winning the war for IT talent

How do you find and recruit top technical skills? If you have sufficient vacancies, hire or retain someone who has a track record of sourcing IT talent and give them everything they need to do it even better. The people you really want are unlikely to have their CVs in the market so you need to find them…

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